What Is Press Release?

 What Is a Press Release and How It Can Help You Succeed

A press release is an announcement issued to news portals or media with the purpose of spreading information about any special occasion relating to your business, like launching a new product, opening a new service, an upcoming event, etc. These messages can come in many forms, such as texts, audio, and video files, to meet the requirements of specific media channels.

When it comes to marketing, this announcement can be used as an indirect advertisement that increases the public’s awareness of the business. Planet Press Release is a company that specializes in developing and distributing these messages on your behalf.

A Glimpse of the History of Press Releases
Press releases date back to the beginning of the 20th century and over the years their efficiency has only increased. The first news announcements of this sort were created by Ivy Lee’s agency in 1906. This initial message that targeted journalists all over the country told the story of the Atlantic City train wreck of 1906. It aimed to draw the public’s attention to the tragedy and became the first intentional public relations campaign in history.

What an Online Press Release Can Do for Your Business
The Internet has a huge advantage over any other media in this regard because online news portals can post any release and bring it to the public.
Over the decades, the form of news releases has changed considerably. By the time an online press release came along, the exact form of the announcement had become irrelevant, because the Internet supports all types of media equally well. It’s the idea behind the concept that matters the most. These messages speak to people who bring news to the masses. Therefore, using them correctly can bring huge benefits to a business, including:
• Immediate boost in popularity
• Improved ranking with major online search engines
• Huge increase in website traffic
Employing the assistance of professional press release services can bring you more benefits than the ones listed above, and the most important of them is an improvement of your business’ reputation.

Seeing your announcements posted on major news portals immediately makes people trust your company. This generates respect that makes your customers loyal and prompts them to spread the word about your company.

How to Get Full Benefit of Press Release Marketing
The massive advantage of a news release can be achieved only if it meets two essential requirements:
• It’s of high quality
• It’s distributed through the right channels
Text releases are the most popular and most effective kind, from the marketing point of view. The reason for this is that despite the fact that the Internet can spread any media, people are still prone to read their news than to watch videos or listen to audio announcements.

Creating an engaging text that will release the information you want to the public is an art that requires a special set of skills to practice. Using a regular press release template available online is never a good idea because, like any template, it’s generic and limited.

To give your business a boost, your news release must be personalized to highlight the most important features of your product/event/company. Learning how to write a press release takes time, so it’s the kind of task that is best entrusted to professionals. However, even experienced writers may have difficulties creating this type of texts. If you want to be sure that the release you get is of high quality, you need to know what to look for in this piece of writing.

Tips for Understanding Press Release Examples
Despite the fact that each news release has to be original and customized to express your message perfectly, there are some guidelines that regulate the form of these announcements. All major news portals support them, so if the text doesn’t meet these specific requirements, it won’t be accepted by publishers.
When you study a sample press release, you need to make sure that it features the following:
• A newsworthy headline.
This is the most important part of a news announcement of any kind, because people only skim headlines when looking through their feeds. Therefore, if the title of your release doesn’t catch their attention, the chance of them actually reading the text is extremely low.
• A definite dateline.
When you announce the release of a new product, start of a special discount period, or something similar, the dateline of the event must be presented at the very beginning of the article.
• Introduction.
Sometimes this part is called a summary. This is the first paragraph of a press release that presents all the most important information from the article.
• Body.
The body of a news release should be short (300-500 word at most). The information must be presented in a clear and concise manner.
• Contact information.
The release should end with your company’s contact information and links to your website.
Press releases are incredible tools that can seriously help your business to the next level. Take your chance to boost your popularity by integrating this marketing device in your promotion strategy.