Press Release Services

 Employ Professional Press Release Services to Succeed in Business

Millions of people all over the world follow news announcements with absolute devotion. Every day, they read through their feeds taking note of anything interesting and significant. This provides you with an opportunity to promote your business on a worldwide scale, and draw in hundreds of visitors to your website. The only thing you need to do in order to achieve this result is to employ professional press release services.

A press, also called news, release is a public relations announcement distributed through various media channels. The content of the message may vary from introducing a new product to announcing a sale or an event of some sort. As long as the article is newsworthy, it can be accepted by major media channels. From there, it might spread all over the world and reach places you’ve never even thought of, drawing the public’s attention to the existence of your business.

This ability to spread far and wide is the most important benefit of press releases. People trust news channels and they are interested in following them. Therefore, spreading your promotional materials through these media cannot fail to be successful.

If the announcement is posted on the right portals, you can be 100% sure that this information will reach your target audience. Of course, the level of success you can achieve by incorporating press release services into your marketing strategy will be determined by many factors. When used incorrectly, this tool can bring much harm to your reputation. However, employing the assistance of an experienced company that specializes in writing and distribution of news releases will ensure that you avoid all the pitfalls of this marketing technique. The boost in popularity you will get with the right application of this tool is definitely worth the investment.

Why Everyone Should Hire a Press Release Writing Service

No matter how great your products or services are, you won’t be able to make a lot of money by selling them if no one knows about you. It may seem that getting exposure in the modern world is easy as there are so many media to spread the information. However, this abundance of information actually makes it harder to promote oneself. The reason for this is simple, it’s just too hard to get noticed over the steady flow of advertisements from huge corporations that dominate every media. You may post your own ads there, but the chance is high that they will be overlooked in the favor of bigger and brighter messages from your main competitors.

The value of press release services is that they give you the kind of exposure that will actually get noticed. The articles promoted through news channels get the attention and respect that commercials couldn’t hope to match. Therefore, not using this marketing tool is a huge mistake that will definitely lose you many potential customers.

Here are some of the main reason that explain why employing press release services is a great idea:

  • This gives you instant visibility.
    Even if you are promoting a brand new business, announcing it through the leading news media channels with thousands of followers guarantees an instant boost of visibility. Whether the people that will learn about your service from their news feeds will become loyal customers will depend on many factors, including quality of the release, quality of your product and service, etc. However, the purpose of an announcement is to let the world know you exist, and you can be sure that this goal will be achieved.
  • News releases give your website a traffic boost.
    Your website traffic is sure to soar after a successful news release. If the content of the article is good and engaging, readers will want to learn more. One of the rules of quality press release writing is to include a link to the announcer’s website at the very end of the piece. This is done to provide readers with an opportunity to have instant access to more information on the subject that definitely intrigued them enough to read through the post.
  • This tool augments your SEO strategy.
    Press release services can improve your search engine rankings indirectly. A high-quality article will be peppered with inbound links, which earns you lots of SEO credit because releases remain on media portals for a long time.
  • Well-distributed news releases strengthen your brand.
    The strength of the brand is forged by the trust of your customers, and one of the most efficient ways to generate this trust is to get recognition from reputed media channels. People are more likely to respect the product that has been announced through a renowned news portal than the one with a cool ad posted on a billboard somewhere. The idea behind this is very simple. It goes along the lines of ‘anyone can buy a space on a billboard, but to get a slot on the X channel they must be really worthy’. You can make your business respected by customers right from the start by incorporating quality press release services into your original marketing strategy. This way, people will consider your company and products ‘worthy’ even if no one knows much about them yet.

Free Vs. Paid Press Release Distribution Service

One of the most important decisions regarding news announcements that you will need to make as a business owner is to choose between free and paid press release services. There are many options of both available today.

As far as free services go, you can pick between using templates available online or training one of your staff members to write the articles themselves. In this case, the latter option is definitely best, even if the person isn’t a professional writer.

All templates are extremely limited and generic. Therefore, they can’t achieve the ultimate purpose of a great news release, which is to show your specific business in the best possible light.

Every company is different, so using a generic text to promote your individual strengths won’t help you succeed. You also need to consider the fact that journalists and renowned bloggers know all these templates and will see a release based on them as ‘bad form’. They won’t publish this kind of article on their portals because this will hurt their reputation. So, free templates are a definite ‘NO’.

The other option is to have someone in your company write and distribute announcements. This strategy can be successful to an extent. However, there are many variable that will influence the outcome. The actual writing skill of the person will matter greatly, as will their understanding of business. The more important aspects of a news release creator are knowledge of the formatting requirements for this particular type of texts and ability to create engaging articles within these limitations. This is the hardest thing about being a successful press release writer, and even many professional authors fail in it despite their talents and skills in creating high-quality texts.

Another important issue you need to think about when deciding between free and paid press release services is distribution. If you want to get the most benefits this marketing tool has to offer, you need to have your announcements posted on leading media channels to gain credibility. However, these portals are unreachable for regular companies trying to be heard in the world of news media.

Journalists receive hundreds of emails daily, and it’s virtually impossible for them to sort through every single one. Therefore, some letters get discarded without even being opened. Your press release could be one of them just because you don’t have a strong reputation in the field yet.

Employing a professional service will allow you to avoid all the aforementioned problems. Note, that you need to hire not only some random company but the best press release distribution service you can find.

When you work with the best, this is exactly what you get. Experts from Planet Press Release know how to go about creating and distributing news the right way and can provide you with the following guaranteed benefits:

  • Certain visibility as the announcement would be published in dozens of news portals.
  • Huge distribution as catching posts from these channels are picked up by dozens of smaller portals.
  • The right kind of audience because the service will conduct a prior market research to learn which channels your prospective customers follow.
  • Credibility that comes with the acknowledgment by leading media portals.

How Press Release Distribution Services Fit into Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most important things you need to understand about news releases is that no matter how effective this service is, it cannot help your business succeed if it’s not augmented by a comprehensive marketing strategy. To get the recognition and respect you deserve, you need to not only let people know that you exist, but also prove that you are trustworthy, and keep them entertained so that they don’t forget you.

Employing the assistance of a professional online press release service is only one of the steps that you need to take in order to increase your loyal customer base. It can give you a boost and exposure, but it cannot keep your customers.

Here are a few tips that show how press release services can enhance other marketing tools and promote brand loyalty:

  • In conjunction with discounts and sales.
    Everyone loves getting top-quality products for a fraction of a price, and strategically placed announcements about your seasonal discounts or special sales will motivate people to check out your store right away. This kind of news release must be very catching and even ‘teasing’ as its purpose is to make people want your product.
  • In conjunction with blogs.
    Announce your new cool post or the opening of the blog itself. However, be very careful to provide the highest quality of content in your blog posts, because if people follow links in the release only to be disappointed, your reputation will suffer a huge blow.
  • In conjunction with social media marketing.
    When it comes to social media, the only connection with press releases can be only the announcement of your new channels. This is a one-time thing, but it gives you the initial exposure necessary to attract followers during the first days of your account’s existence.

The Bottom Line

Press release services are amazing due to their ability to make your business popular fast. Although, this would happen only if the service is of the highest quality. Otherwise, the benefits of worldwide news announcements will remain outside your grasp.

Planet Press Release is a company that understands all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of this business and can provide top-grade news release writing and distribution service to any business. This is possible due to a combination of skill, talent, and experience necessary to:

  • Identify the right channels by researching your targeted group of customers.
  • Write announcements that will fit the format requirements of these channels and present your news in the most engaging and beneficial manner.
  • Distribute the message to the channels relying on the company’s reputation as a trustworthy news provider and quality of the articles to get accepted by the publishers.

Professional press release services target not only regular news networks, but also:

  • Groups of interested journalists through personal emails
  • Leading bloggers in your field and region
  • Social media groups interested in your products

Of course, the release must also be posted in the News section of your website or blog. If you don’t have one yet, you definitely need to get it right away as it plays an essential part in a successful content marketing strategy.

Don’t forget that in order to be truly beneficial to your business, your press release services must be consistent. Post new announcements regularly to maintain the public’s interest and attract new clients. These ‘updates’ don’t have to be as frequent as blog content, but they need to be regular enough to make sure you don’t slip from the public’s mind completely.

It might be a challenge to come up with newsworthy announcements so often, especially if you are running a small business. This is another reason to employ professional press release writing and distribution service as it can help you come up with ideas and word them the right way to attract more attention to your company.