How To Write A Press Release

 How to Write a Press Release for Effective Business Promotion

Writing a press release is different from creating any other kind of text because there are many guidelines one needs to follow. In order to get the article accepted by major news portals its quality must be exceedingly high and it must meet all the requirements set for this specific type of news announcement. Planet Press Release employs only experienced writers who know how to write a press release and can create one to promote any product, business, or event in the most efficient manner.

As a client employing professional press release services, you need to understand general rules that these articles must abide by. This way, you will be able to assess the quality of the text and determine how exactly it can complement your marketing strategy.

Press Release: Best Practices

Press releases differ by the subject they promote. This is the feature that determines the focus and specific topics highlighted in the announcement. However, there are a few general guidelines that all news releases must follow in order to be accepted.

They are:

  • They must be informative.
    A press release is designed to deliver information to the readers instead of merely promoting a product, event, or company. It’s advised to use facts supported with statistics or data from independent surveys to enhance the credibility of the text.
  • They must present information in a specific order.
    The most important piece of news must come first. Next is the second most important, and so forth.
  • They must answer the 5 essential questions of press releases.
    The very first paragraph of the release (also called Summary) must answer the questions why, who, when, where, and how, in order to explain the importance of this news to the public. The answers must be concise and factual. If you omit any of these, your story will sound incomplete.
  • They must be unbiased.
    Press releases should be void of overly emotional language. For example, statements like ‘this product is the best’ ruin the credibility of the text and make it seem like an advertisement instead of a piece of important news.
  • They must have catchy headlines.
    A headline is the most important thing about a news announcement because this is the first (and sometimes only) thing that the readers see. Making it catchy and interesting is vital in order to get people intrigued enough to continue reading. A weak headline makes a release fail regardless of the quality of the text itself.
  • They need interesting summaries.
    The part that follows the headline is a short summary of the release. It must present a short recap of the most important information, but do so in a way that will prompt people to follow the link to read the rest of the text. It must sound compelling to attract the reader’s attention while at the same time be relevant in order to keep them interested.
  • They should include quotes.
    Every guide on how to write an effective press release advises to include at least one relevant quote. This boosts the credibility of the article and increases readers’ interests, which leads to the boost in traffic to your website. However, note that a quote is only helpful when it provides additional information or a deeper insight to promote your story.
  • They must be SEO optimized.
    Planet Press Release conducts specialized keyword research in order to write a SEO friendly press release for every business. Note that a quality article must include only a few of these words as too much of them will lead to poor ranking, thus reducing the positive effect of the campaign.
  • They must be free from grammar and spelling mistakes.
    Any mistake reduces the quality of the text. Even if an article like this is accepted, it won’t do any good to your company’s reputation as the readers will see mistakes as a lack of professionalism on your part.
  • They must be short.
    Planet Press Release recommends keeping the length of press announcements at approximately 400 words, as people aren’t likely to read anything beyond that.
  • They must offer contact information.
    The company’s contacts and a link to the website have to be included in the ending paragraph for the readers to know where they can get further information.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

Organization of an event is a hard job itself. Whether it’s educational or entertaining, one needs to find a place, equipment, necessary staff, etc. However, all this work will be futile if no one comes to the event. This unfortunate scenario can be avoided by creating and distributing a compelling announcement that invites people who can be interested in attending.

A good event press release tips include:

  • Generating excitement.
    People today are very busy, so to get them interested in visiting any event, one should show them a glimpse of the emotions they can get there. This kind of release must appeal directly to the reader, creating an impression that it’s addressed to them personally. However, note that directly addressing the readers by “you” is not recommended as this reduces the credibility of the article.
  • Releasing at the right time.
    The time of release is vital in event promotion. If issued too early, people will forget about it, but if the announcement is sent out too late, they may not be able to change their plans. Releasing the announcement two to three weeks beforehand is perfect.
  • Building intrigue.
    To make people interested in visiting, some questions should be left open to keep them intrigued. This kind of news release must contain only the most important information with a few promising hints inviting readers to find out more details.
  • Increasing the reach.
    This kind of release must be integrated into a specialized event marketing strategy. It should be promoted through the company’s special event pages on social media accounts, blogs, etc. Combined with the traffic generated through news portals where the release will be published, this marketing approach is sure to turn any event into a major success for the business.

How to Write a Press Release for a Book

A quality press release can be a great helping tool to all authors regardless of whether they’ve just started their writing careers or they are already very popular and have their own fan clubs. With a good news announcement, an author will get more chances to reach the largest audience possible.

Aside from the general rules, a good book press release should meet the following requirements:

  • It mustn’t focus on the launch of the book.
    This article should describe the author, with the book’s name unobtrusively mentioned just a couple of times. This way, the readers will get motivated to follow the author, subscribe to their social media accounts, etc.
  • If the book is non-fiction, the release should focus on its subject.
    This article may present a short overview of the main problem explored in the book and its solution. It can also include several tips from the book involving the readers into the subject and encouraging them to learn more.
  • If the work is fictional, the focus of the announcement should be n emotions.
    To achieve success with this release, one needs to create text that will allow the readers to experience some of the characters’ emotions. This article should make them go through the same feelings so that they want to go and read the whole book to get more of the same.

How to Write a Press Release for a Company

Promoting an existing business that doesn’t really have any special news to announce requires experience and skill from the writer. These releases can focus on:

  • A completed project.
    Advertising the business’ success and inviting people to see the results will motivate them to get the same kind of product/service.
  • A special feature.
    Reminding the public what exactly makes this particular business stand out is always a good choice. In this case, it’s important to present this feature from a new angle.
  • A new blog post.
    Promoting content through a different kind of content will help boost the website’s SEO ranking and generate more traffic.

How to Write a Press Release for a Product

Introduce new products to the market is one of the most important reasons for using news announcements for business promotion. For this text to be successful, it must obey the standard rules of how to write a good press release, but with a few special extras:

  • Focus on the main product benefit.
    The article should include a list of product features, but focus on the strongest benefit it offers. The headline should be built around this ‘attraction’ and the first part of the text should highlight it in minute detail. However, don’t forget that a quality news release should never be too ‘loud’ so it doesn’t seem like the manufacturer is bragging. The text must be written in a professional manner.
  • Mention the company.
    It’s recommended to include some information about the company for the audience to get a clearer idea who stands behind the product. The text can offer some piece of information about the owner or describe a few interesting facts about the history of this product’s creation. However, this part of the release must be concise and placed at the end. It can be integrated into the section of release that contains contacts and website URL.
  • Promote one product at a time.
    A single release must only promote one product. Otherwise, the focus of the article will blur, which will reduce its effectiveness.

How to Write a Press Release for a New Business

Press releases introducing a new business are very special for many reasons. The most important of them is that, the targeted audience knows nothing about the new entrepreneur as well as their products or services.

This is a good thing as this presents the writer with an opportunity to show the business in the best possible light. A good presentation released through reputed news portals and blogs will show potential customers why they might be interested in buying these specific products or services.

Another benefit of this news announcement is that it can attract the attention from potential investors. To achieve both these goals, one has to know how to write a press release that will be both SEO friendly and powerful.

The following tips can help create the necessary impression:

  • Sharing a personal story.
    The brand itself doesn’t have to be the main focus of such release. Making a press statement in the form of a personal success story is an effective and popular practice. The public will be interested in learning the difficulties the creator of the business had to face on their road to the top and how they managed to overcome them.
  • Explaining the benefits.
    To motivate members of the media and their readers give a chance to a new company one must highlight the value of their products or services. The public should feel privileged to have access to these new goods. The main question this press release has to answer is ‘what will I get from using this product that I can’t get from my old one?’.
  • Appealing to the moral values.
    People want to know that they can trust a new business. Knowing that the principles the company upholds will help them see that the firm is reliable. The first press announcement should be focused on making this kind of positive impression, instead of trying to sell more products.

Should You Use Professional Press Release Writing and Distribution Services?

In order to create a powerful news announcement the writer must possess an array of specialized skills and experience in working with this specific type of texts. Even professional authors who make their living by writing may fail to create a press release that will be accepted by news portals and generate traffic.

Therefore, employing a specialized writing and distribution service is always the best way to go in order to achieve success. People working there know exactly how to write a press release and where to send it to get the best reaction from the public.

Planet Press Release offers to create any type of news announcements for a company, event, or product. You can be sure that these articles will be of high quality, unique, and follow all formatting rules used by major news portals.