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The Internet offers limitless opportunities for business promotion. A piece of news posted on the right channels has a potential to go viral, boosting one’s ratings literally overnight. Planet Press Release specializes in creating and distributing press releases that spread information about your company, its achievements, and products.

Whatever you want to share with the world, telling this through the news channels has always been effective as people check their newsfeeds every day to learn about any important changes that can affect their lives. This is the main reason why news releases make such a great marketing tool.

Unlike advertisements and promo emails, they are presented to the readers’ eyes as messages of importance on reputable news portals. The level of respect and trust these posts generate beats even the most effective ads. Therefore, incorporating press release distribution into your marketing program is essential for your business success.

Planet Press Release: Services

•    Writing the release itself.

The quality of the text is essential when it comes to any type of public relations announcement. In addition to this, all major news portals have very strict requirements towards the articles they post. Therefore, the text of a release must not only be of the highest quality, but it also has to meet the standards of the specific portal.

Planet Press Release writers have the skills and knowledge necessary to creating this type of articles. The texts they provide you with are not only good but also, meet specific formatting requirements of major news portals.

•    Finding relevant news portals.

For your press release marketing strategy to succeed, the news must be distributed through the channels used by your targeted group of customers. This particular service entails identifying these news portals through a thorough market research.

•    Distributing news releases.

Planet Press Release collaborates with hundreds of leading news portals. Your news will be circulated through these channels and start generating traffic right away. The texts will be altered when necessary to meet the requirements of specific portals.

Creating and spreading press releases is a difficult task and one needs to possess an array of skills, knowledge, and specialized tools to use them as an effective marketing tool. Employing professionals to do this on your behalf is the most cost-efficient way of achieving success.

A specialized service always knows how to present your piece of news in the most favorable light, which portals to post it on, and how to make sure that the release isn’t rejected. The results such a holistic approach generates can be very impressive, boosting the public’s awareness of your business fast.

Maintaining the interest by posting announcements regularly will keep the steady flow of new customers. Planet Press Release also offers assistance in developing the most efficient posting strategy. For example, releasing the news of a new product right before the holiday shopping rush can increase your sales exponentially, even if your business is relatively new.

It’s small details like this that make all the difference when it comes to press releases, and putting your trust in a professional service that will take them into account when developing this side of your marketing campaign is the key to success.